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Body aesthetics is the process of restoring body image. It is an important decision that directly affects mental health, social relations and life achievements, along with the beautiful appearance of the body. Body aesthetic operations are a set of methods used to recover the sagging body as a result of rapid weight loss, the inability of the muscles to recover after birth or the body’s elastic structure due to age. However, body aesthetic surgeries are a method of making the existing one ideal with some touches. Surgical methods and non-surgical methods are evaluated in two main groups. Surgical methods are performed by removing excess skin mass from the body through incision or removing excess fat tissue from the body.


What is Body Contouring?


Body contouring is the sum of all kinds of surgical procedures to improve the physical appearance and regain body aesthetics. These operations are planned in one go or regionally spread over time, taking into account the age and health status of the person requests. 360 degree methods applied to the whole body, such as shaping the body, removing excess fat in the inner parts of the legs or under the arms, building a body with a flat stomach and ideal curves, and collecting the hip fat should be considered as a whole.


What Are Body Aesthetic Surgeries?

Although aesthetic perception varies depending on cultural features, there is always a certain criterion in body lines. Aesthetic body surgeries are performed as separate applications for each region desired to be corrected. Body shaping surgeries are mostly a combined operation including liposuction method. Methods used to repair the disorder vary according to body types and deformation. Most common aesthetic problem is the sagging of the abdominal skin caused by the weakening of the abdominal skin or the inability to return to its former state after birth. Similar problems are also common in the inner leg and arm skin. Before deciding on surgery, some measurements are made and blood values ​​are checked. These surgeries are mostly performed under general anesthesia in an average of 2 hours. A corset is used after surgery. The healing process varies according to the area where the operation is performed and individual differences.


Tummy tuck surgery: It is the process of removing the excess parts of the sagging abdominal skin that could not be recovered with the rapid weight loss or lost its flexibility after birth. Abdominal stretching surgery, which is one of the body aesthetic applications, takes about 2 hours. During the operation, the muscles that have been opened are recovered and the abdominal wall is tightened to create a flat stomach appearance. After this procedure, a temporary feeling of tension and pain may occur in the abdominal area. It is an effective operation in creating waist folds when done with liposuction application as it is a solution to eliminating birth cracks. Return to normal life is 1 week after the operation, and full recovery takes 2 weeks.


Leg aesthetics: With age or due to rapid weight loss, especially the inner surface of the legs starts to sag. The thigh lift method is the surgical removal of the excess skin layer of the upper leg. It takes about 2 hours. The healing process takes place in 7-10 days. In some cases, if the tissues have not lost their properties, liposuction method provides a solution to aesthetic recovery in the legs.


Butt aesthetics: It is a set of methods needed depending on age, weight loss and anatomical structure. Liposuction methods, lifting surgeries or silicone implants are used to correct the lost shape of butts or to give a plump and high butt appearance. With liposuction, a high butt appearance is obtained by replacing the fat accumulated in the butt. These operations not only restore the butt to the desired ideal appearance, but also save them from cellulite. Liposuction is not a slimming method. It is a body aesthetic method focused on repairing imperfections used to remove or replace adipose tissue.


Body aesthetics are the sum of physical appearance and health needs. Aesthetic applications should be done with the touch of expert hands that reveal the best option for the person. Dr. Mahmut Sunay is a hand and a guide that reaches you in the light of his expert experience in the field of Aesthetic Surgery and various specialties he has added over the years. In every step of the field of body aesthetics, you can contact Dr. Mahmut Sunay; You can meet all your needs from surgical applications to liposuction, from non-surgical aesthetic applications to hair transplantation.

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