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Unhealthy diet, a sedentary life and genetic factors are mains causes of aesthetic problems in the legs. Individuals who encounter situations such as crooked legs, disproportion of fat distribution, sagging skin appearance, and asymmetrical posture can seek solutions. The solution of the disorders that may affect the individual psychologically is leg aesthetic surgery.


What is Leg Aesthetics?


Regional surgery targets the problematic area of ​​the person’s body. It is applied individually in the form of inner leg aesthetics, bow leg aesthetics, lower leg aesthetics, leg thinning, upper leg thinning. There are three basic elements for a smooth leg appearance. Length, circumference and shape. The leg appearance desired by the individual may change due to the surgeon’s opinion; The criteria and targets should be clearly defined before the operation. In this operation, techniques such as groin stretching, stretching of the T-shaped legs or stretching the spiral legs are preferred. Crooked leg aesthetics are applied to correct the curved or crooked appearance of the legs. Generally, fat injection is preferred in this process. After the fat is supplied from the body of the individual, it is injected into the place where the distorted appearance is present. A successful result is obtained with this method, which is frequently preferred in recent years. In addition, another method used for bow legs is leg silicone implants. Implant application is performed with an incision of approximately 4-5 cm. This method is preferred as it is a permanent solution. Inner legs are easily lubricated and can be easily deformed. As a result of lubrication, the person may complain of difficulties such as friction while walking. In this case, liposuction can be performed and excess fat is removed from the body. As a result, a tighter, natural and thin appearance is obtained. Hyaluronic acid injection is another alternative precedure for those who do not have enough fat in their body.


Who Are The Candidates For Leg Aesthetics?


Both women and men can have leg aesthetics. Except for congenital or subsequent deformations, leg aesthetics can be performed for men and women who are over the age of 18 and fully developed mentally, psychologically and anatomically. People whose body is deformed after experiencing excessive weight loss should not undergo leg aesthetic surgery. The problem in these people may only be excess skin, and the adequate procedure for these people is skin removal surgeries.


Before and After Leg Aesthetics


Those who have leg aesthetics should pay attention to following issues before and after leg aesthetics. Before the surgery, no drugs other than those recommended by the doctor should be used. Smoking should be stopped 2-3 weeks before the operation. Special attention should be paid to blood thinners. You should avoid straining your legs after the operation. It is beneficial not to get into any situation that could cause leg trauma or injury. In leg aesthetic surgeries if silicones are placed, it is necessary to rest after the operations. Operation time is approximately 1-1.5 hours. You should not consume cigarette, herbal teas, aspirin and painkillers before the operation. The patient should not walk for 12 hours. It takes 7-10 days for the patient to return to his / her daily life. The patient should wear compression stockings for 3 weeks. Light exercises other than running can be started after 1 month. After 3 months, running and all sports activities can be done. After silicone application, 3 weeks should pass for the final appearance of the leg. After liposuction, it is recommended that the patient not stand for a long time and do not lift their legs for the first week. It takes 5-7 days for the patient to return to work. Special clothes are preferred to remove edema in the legs. This garment is used for approximately 3 weeks. After fat transfer, the patient is discharged the next day. A special corset is worn for two weeks. After about a month, he can exercise actively except jogging. At least 3 months is required for running and other sportive activities. Leg aesthetics prices; It depends on the method and region of the application. Prices are determined according to the services provided in the surgery, the devices used, anesthesia, special clothes. If you have problems and questions about your legs, feel free to contact Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Specialist Dr. Mahmut Sunay,M.D.

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