Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

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Stubborn fat in the abdominal area, which cannot be removed with sports and diet, can be easily removed by abdominoplasty. Fats in the abdominal area are removed and the sagging skin appearance is eliminated. Looseness and sagging are turned to a smooth appearance, the abdominal area is flattened and existing cracks are removed.


What is Tummy Tuck?


Tummy tuck surgery is a surgical procedure in which excess fat and sagging skin tissue formed in the middle and lower layers of the skin in the abdominal region for various reasons are removed and the muscles in the region are tightened and strengthened. Tummy tuck surgery is called abdominoplasty in medical language. This surgery is a kind of plastic surgery operation performed by plastic surgeons. It is generally applied for large weight loss and sagging tissues that occur after pregnancy. Many techniques are used for tummy tuck surgery. These techniques are applied by determining the general condition of the person undergoing the operation, their need, physical fitness and the surgeon’s decision. It is made in two ways according to the needs.


  • Full Abdominoplasty : The sagging skin under the belly button is removed. The location of the belly button is changed. The abdominal muscles are tightened and corrected below and above the belly button.
  • Partial Abdominoplasty (Mini Abdominoplasty): It is performed in cases where there is less sagging under the belly button and does not require an operation above the belly button. Depending on the situation, the location of the belly button may not be changed.


How is Abdominoplasty Performed?


In full tummy tuck surgery, the sagging skin is removed with the incision made around the belly button and the incision made horizontally on the lower part of the abdomen, and the muscles are corrected. The scar will be in the area that can be hidden in bikini / bottom underwear / swimwear such as the caesarean section scar. The procedure that is performed in a more restricted area and usually does not have an incision around the belly button is a partial tummy tuck surgery, also called as “Mini Abdominoplasty”. Abdominoplasty can be planned together with other surgeries according to the needs. It can be performed together with uterine and ovarian surgeries, as well as with torsoplasty, which is called maternity aesthetics, where the deformities in the abdomen, breast, waist and sometimes butt are corrected together in one session. After birth, different procedures are performed at the same time in the areas needed by the deformed body. Especially after birth and outside of breastfeeding period, excessive weight gain and loss, sagging, increased fat in the waist and abdomen, and loss of the form of the breasts are solved in one session.


What is the Recovery Process of Tummy Tuck?


As in every surgery, the width of the area affects the healing process. Conditions such as pain and swelling may be seen. For these, medications are used with a doctor’s prescription. Early standing up and doing the recommended movements will speed up the healing process. Stitches will dissolve and dont need to be removed. Afterwards, a corset is used for 2 months. You can return to work after 2-4 weeks. Tummy tuck scars begin to turn into skin color in 9-12 months. Regular exercise and diet positively affect the healing process of tummy tuck surgery.


What Should Be Taken Into Consideration In Abdominopasty?


  • You should avoid heavy housework for the first 4-6 weeks, then apply force carefully.
  • After abdominoplasty, you can plan pregnancy, consult your doctor and get information in time.
  • In the summer after the surgery, you should protect the wound from the sun for 1-2 months while swimming. The pool or sauna are not recommended in terms of infection risk.
  • After the abdominoplasty, it should be waited 3-4 weeks for sexual intercourse. Consult your doctor according to the wound healing process and your feeling of well-being.
  • Drinking plenty of water and doing appropriate exercises will positively affect wound healing by positively affecting circulation.
  • Unless you gain weight, you preserve the results after the surgery for many years.


Tummy tuck surgeries are operations that women or men cannot solve on their own to achieve a body they dream of, and are generally used to solve aesthetic problems. Tummy tuck prices vary according to the width of the operation area. It is not as difficult as you think to consult a reliable physician, who will minimize your anxiety about abdominoplasty, and to have a healthy and aesthetic body! To ask the questions in your mind, feel free to contact Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery Specialist Dr. Mahmut Sunay.

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