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Buttocks, the most striking and prominent figure in the female body, are very important when considering aesthetic integrity. With butt aesthetics, a more proportional and aesthetic looking butt can be created by preserving the existing, correcting the appearance and changing the shape of the soft tissues, although the butt width and leg length are genetic.


What is Butt Aesthetics?


Butt aesthetics is the general name of all procedures performed on buttocks. The main purpose of all these procedures is to shape and raise the butt, remove the excess accumulated fat in the butt, deepen the waist pit and provide a slim form. Although the butt aesthetic procedures, which have been frequently applied in recent years, include different applications according to the patient, it is aimed to achieve a “Brazilian butt” appearance.


Who Are Candidates For Butt Aesthetics?


Butt aesthetic procedures are applied to people whose butts are too small or too big compared to their body. In addition, if body deformities due to aging have occurred, if the form of the butts is distorted due to weight gain and loss, if the clothes worn do not look aesthetic, in short, if the person is unhappy with the appearance of his/her butt, aesthetic procedures are applied. Every individual over the age of 18 is eligible for this surgery.


What Kind Operations Are Performed?


The procedure to be performed on butt aesthetics varies according to the patient’s condition, expectations and what he / she needs. Butt lift, reduction and tightening, fat injection and butt silicone implants are among the procedures applied. Details are as follows;


Butt Lift: For people who usually experience collapse in the skin due to excessive weight loss, taking the skin from the bottom of the abdomen and above the buttocks and lifting the whole butt area up is known as butt lift and also 360 degree body lift. In patients with good skin quality, prosthesis or fat tissue injection may be sufficient for butt lift surgeries.


Butt Reduction and Tightening: Butt reduction is applied with liposuction technique on butts that are larger than necessary due to weight gain. Since some butts can be excessively sagging, butt tightening and lifting operations are also performed by surgical operation. In such butts, excess fat tissue and skin area are surgically removed and finalized with an upward suspension.


Fat Injection: The process of fat removal from the lower and outer parts of the buttocks, waist and thighs with thin cannulas is called liposuction. The fat taken from the patient is concentrated through special procedures and placed as filling in the areas where necessary on the upper part of the buttocks. Thus, the butt augmentation process is completed. In this butt aesthetic method, a much fuller and upright butt appearance is achieved.


Butt Silicone Implant: While performing butt enlargement, different methods can be applied in cases where fat injection is not suitable. Butt implant is the most common procedure. Gluteal implants are placed in the incision made from the folded area on the butt and the incision is closed with aesthetic stitches. The size, anatomical shape and roundness of the implants to be placed are evaluated according to the patient’s condition and expectation.


What is the Buttock Aesthetics Recovery Process?


Butt aesthetics healing process is one of the most curious issues. Although it usually varies according to the patient’s condition, it is sufficient to stay in the hospital for one night after butt aesthetics. After the operation, the patient is dressed in a special corset. This corset should be used for 3 to 4 weeks to reduce edema and swelling and to take the shape of the buttocks in the best shape. After the operation and for the next few days, the patient may have difficulty moving. Pain may occur in butt area. Oral painkillers are preferred for these findings, which is an expected condition. There is not too much limitiation in sitting and lying after butt aesthetics. Difficulty may be experienced during sitting and standing only in the early postoperative period. In addition, a small amount of bruising and edema may occur. These bruises and edema, which will decrease with each passing day, disappear completely at the end of the fourth week. Heavy sportive activities should be avoided for the first 2 weeks after butt aesthetics. Only walking can be done as a light exercise. At the end of the specified period, all desired sports activities can be done. The corset, which should be continued to be used after the operation, should only be removed during bathing. In addition, since self-dissolving stitches are used in the operation, there is no need to take the stitches.


Are the Operations Performed in Hip (Butt) Aesthetics Permanent?


The permanent results of butt aesthetics vary depending on the procedure. For example, although 40% of the fat added with fat filling can be lost, the rest is enough to shape the hip tissue. In the meantime, the form given to the waist and butt is permanent. Likewise, procedures using butt implants are also permanent. On the other hand, sling lifting operations performed by removing skin tissue are also effective and radical interventions, so the results are permanent.


On the other hand, the effect of interventions with suture slings may be short-term. The final result depends on the anatomical structure of the patient. For example, people with heavy butt may experience short time results. If butt implants are used during butt aesthetics, excessive weight gain or loss of the person may negatively affect the results. It is recommended that patients pay attention to their current weight and exercise regularly in order to preserve the results of aesthetic operations for many years. Of course, one of the most important points is the use of a specialist doctor and the right equipment. Communication with your doctor is very important before the procedure. If you want to get more information about butt shaping surgeries you can contact Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Specialist Dr. Mahmut Sunay and his professional team.

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