Neck Lift

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Wrinkles that occur on the face due to genetic factors and sometimes with the aging and sometimes with the effect of gravity accumulate in the neck area. This event, which may also be due to weight gain and loss, appears as a loosened tissue in the neck. Behaviors such as posture disorders and not applying skin care can also cause sagging in the neck and jowl. This image can make us look old and tired than we are. You can get rid of this appearance with neck and jowl lifting operation.


What is Neck Lift? Who Can Have This Done?


Aesthetic operations can be applied to get rid of the saggy appearance in neck area. Excess fat can be removed by liposuction method if needed. Generally neck lift is combined with liposuction as the skin is thin in neck area and skin  tends to sag after fat removal underneath the skin. Neck lift procedures are usually performed as a continuation of face lift surgeries.


What is Double Chin Lift? Who Can Have This Done?


The jowl covers the area from under the chin to the neck. Excessive fat, sagging and wrinkles in neck area cause people to look older than they are. The muscle which in neck area  is the thinnest muscle in the body and this muscle supports some facial expressions. Undesirable images may occur in the jowl area with the effect of gestures, excessive weight gain and loss. At a younger age, sagging can be seen in the jowl area due to the effect of gravity. In the 30s, the neck lifting procedure can be performed by liposuction method. In patients over the age of 50, a double chin surgery is performed. Jowl sagging occurs more in women than in men. This is because women’s skin is more sensitive. Neck sagging jaw in men occurs mostly as a result of excessive weight.


What should be done before neck lift surgery?


When you realize that you need surgery, first decide what you want. Knowing about neck and jowl lifting surgery will also help you. Then meet with a plastic surgeon. If you smoke, stop smoking 2 weeks before the surgery. Blood thinners should also be discontinued 1 week before the operation due to the risk of bleeding.


How is Neck Lift Performed?


In classical neck lift surgeries, an incision is made behind the ear towards the scalp. The skin is stretched upwards and fixed with stitches from inside. Excess skin is removed and stitching is done. As the sagging in the neck disappears, the neck and jowl get a tense appearance. After neck lift procedure, a slight scar may occur behind the ear or on the hairline behind the ear. However, it is not visible from the outside. When the hair grows over time, it closes the scar of the neck lift operation.


Post-operative Period and How to Return to Normal Life?


The operation is performed under general anesthesia and takes 1.5 hours. Bruising, swelling, pain, numbness may occur after neck lift, and it is normal. Edema will subside within 7-10 days. The patient can return to normal life within a week. You should stay away from smoking, alcohol and high-effort jobs for one week. It takes about 1 month for the skin to settle completely.


There may be sagging and wrinkles in your neck and jowls due to many reasons. With small operations, you can get rid of this appearance and become 5-15 years younger. In the methods applied in neck and jowl lifting, voice and speech are not affected negatively and mimic losses are not experienced. The patient’s not gaining weight after neck lift procedure and applying the appropriate diet increases the success of the operation. Don’t let your images bother you! Feel good no matter what age you are! Do not delay your happiness. To learn about neck lift surgery prices and to get more information about the subject, you can contact Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Specialist Dr. Mahmut Sunay.

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