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Genital aesthetics is a type of surgery that reinforces women’s self-confidence. Deformations in the genital area may create an aesthetically unfavorable image and bring problems such as embarrassment and sexual inadequacy. The genital area can be corrected with aesthetics, which can negatively affect the psychology of the woman and cause negative relationships with the opposite sex. Genital area aesthetics are performed by dividing into labioplasty, vaginoplasty, postpartum scars and mons pubis aesthetics.


What is Genital Aesthetics?


Genital aesthetics means that the parts of the external genital organs are harmonized and corrected in terms of appearance. It is the general name of the correction of the regions in the vaginal anatomy with separate surgeries. Genital aesthetic surgery is performed to eliminate health problems as well as aesthetic appearance. Psychological problems also improve as a result of the improvement of the image that depresses the person.


Who Are Candidates For Genital Aesthetics?


The types of surgery performed in the genital area are shaped according to the patient’s complaints. People who are negatively affected by the size of the inner lips in the genital area can have aesthetic surgery. In postpartum period, as the vagina loses its flexibility, genital plastic surgery can be applied and deformations caused by birth are improved with appropriate surgery types. At the same time, those who want to prevent sagging and loosening in the region that may occur after birth can also consult a doctor for an appropriate operation.


What is Labiaplasty?


Labiaplasty, which is among the genital aesthetic surgeries, is a type that is quite common in the world. By reducing the inner lips, it provides the area to achieve the aesthetic appearance desired by the person. Labiaplasty, also known as “inner lip aesthetics”, is an intervention on thick and full, large lips (called labium) aimimng thin and small lips. Inner lips are moist structures that are not visible from the outside and rich in blood vessels and nerve endings. The outer lips cover the inner lips. Labioplasty, which is among the genital aesthetic surgeries, is the removal of the defects in the inner lips rather than the outer lips.


How is Labiaplasty Performed?


Over time, sagging occurs in the vagina for various reasons. This situation can cause aesthetic problems as well as difficulty in sexual intercourse. Surgery can be done with more than one technique. Cutting out the ends, removing the inner and outer epithelial tissues with V plasty are among the methods. Genital aesthetic surgery performed in line with the person’s tissue and request is performed in private hospitals or clinics with the help of general, sedation or local anesthesia. The operations in which irregular, wrinkled and wide-looking lip parts and folds are removed and color changes are removed, end with aesthetic stitching. In the same session, skin folds on the clitoris are also removed.


Considerations Before and After Genital Aesthetics


You can get detailed information from the doctor about pre-genital aesthetics and prepare for surgery. You should definitely inform your doctor about your diseases such as diabetes, heart and blood pressure problems. You may see postoperative leakage or spotting in the vagina, which is the fastest healing area of ​​the body. For those who have genital aesthetics, keeping the area dry is very important in terms of a fast and comfortable healing process. You can prevent possible edema, swelling and tenderness with cold compresses. You can return to your normal life in about 1 week and enter the healing process by continuing to have your dressings. However, it is useful to stay away from sports such as yoga and Pilates that may cause stretching of the area and sexual intercourse for 4 weeks. You should also stay away from transportation vehicles such as motor and bicycle where your genital area may be damaged.


Genital aesthetic prices vary according to the type and size of the surgery, the materials used and the institution. You can learn all the details you wonder about the subject by contacting Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Specialist Dr. Mahmut Sunay and his expert team.

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