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Tummy Tuck

Stubborn fat in the abdominal area, which cannot be removed with sports and diet, can be easily removed by abdominoplasty.

Fats in the abdominal area are removed and the sagging skin appearance is eliminated. Looseness and sagging are turned to a smooth appearance, the abdominal area is flattened and existing cracks are removed.


Fats may accumulate in certain parts of the body depending on genetic structure. Although the person is not overweight, there may be more fat stored in the lower body than in the upper body, or even though he is very thin, fat may be seen in the neck area.

In addition, despite all the sports activities and diets, he can find regional fat that he cannot get rid of. At this point, liposuction can offer a solution.

Breast Uplift

Aesthetic breast surgery or breast uplift surgery is a surgical procedure that fulfills the self-confidence of many women.

Over time, it is common to experience breast sagging due to pregnancy, breastfeeding, gravity or weight gain. The person applies to breast uplift (mastopexy) surgery to eliminate the sagging in the breast form and to have the body integrity desired.

Face Lift

Undoubtedly, the most effective tool in all kinds of communication that the individual establishes with his / her social environment in his / her daily life; is the face.

Over time, depending on genetic and environmental factors, in the skin forming the human face; Some deformations occur. Today, with the developing technological possibilities, there is an increase in the field of facial aesthetics.

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