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Lip aesthetics is one of the most preferred aesthetic methods by people who think that their lips are too thin or thick. Lip aesthetics, which can be applied to make the facial lines look more harmonious, also helps to eliminate various deformities and problems, creates a balanced appearance by positively affecting the facial features of the person.


What is Lip Aesthetics?


Lip aesthetics is a type of procedure that examines the harmony of the lower lip and upper lip and provides results that positively affect the facial beauty of the person. Apart from that, rabbit lips and similar shape problems are also solved with lip aesthetics. In today’s world, lip plumping is very popular among applications that help the face to gain an aesthetic and youthful appearance. In this procedure, which can be performed in different ways, including surgical and non-surgical methods, an aesthetic appearance that meets personal demands and a functional, healthy lip structure are aimed.


Who Is Suitable For Lip Aesthetics?


This application, which is preferred by patients who have shape problems on their lips or women and men who think that their lips are too thin or thick, allows the person to have the healthy and impressive lips in their dreams. Lip aesthetics is an application that attracts great attention by male patients. The physician designs the most compatible lips for the face type by evaluating the person’s expectations and facial features.


How Is Lip Aesthetics Performed?


There are four different lip augmentation methods for people who have thin lips or who have problems with the loss of volume on their lips by the loss of fat on the lips during aging.


  • Lips can be filled with substances taken from the person’s body.
  • Filling materials can be used.
  • A surgical method can be used in which the pink colored mucosa of the lip is pushed forward.
  • Upper lip can be elevated by removing some skin from base of the nose in order to get a thicker upper lip. This procedure, which is very popular nowadays, is known as “LipLift”.


These applications, which can be preferred in upper lip aesthetics and lower lip aesthetics, are selected according to the age of the person and the requirement of the lip tissue. Lip aesthetics prices also vary according to the aesthetic method chosen. The dissolution times of substances obtained from the person’s own body, called “autogenous”, are variable and require information from your physician. Likewise, the filling materials used are permanent at certain intervals. The average recovery time of these procedures, which are performed comfortably under local anesthesia, is around 7 days. Lip line aesthetics is also one of the lip aesthetic methods applied. This application, in which the lip borders are shaped, is formed by interpreting the facial contours correctly and designing the lip line in accordance with the facial aesthetics.


How is Lip Reduction Aesthetics Performed?


Lip reduction aesthetics are preferred by those who think that their lips are too thick and negatively affect facial aesthetics. In this type of lip aesthetics, a small, elliptical incision is made on the mucous part of the lips and the adipose tissue is reduced in the desired amount. Although bruising and swelling are expected after the procedure, these effects subside within a few days. There is no trace of surgery in the lip reduction procedure performed under local anesthesia.


What is Lip Lifting Aesthetics?


Patients who think that the upper lip area is too long can get rid of this problem with upper lip aesthetics. The aesthetic appearance of the face is achieved with this procedure, in which the distance between the middle part of the nose and the upper lip is shortened. This gap, which makes the face appear longer than it is, is fixed at a rate varying between 12-15 mm. Thus, an improvement in smile and tooth appearance is achieved.


What should be considered before and after lip aesthetics?


It is inconvenient to use blood thinners before lip aesthetics. Smoking should be suspended about 1 week before the procedure. Swelling and bruises, which are normal to occur after aesthetics, begin to heal within an average of 7 days. After the application, consumption of cold and hot foods and beverages and gestures that force the lips should be avoided, and care should be taken to use straws in consumption of liquid foods.


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