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Nipple area is a structure that gives an aesthetic appearance to the breast, consisting of the furthest part of the human breast called ‘nipple’ and darker skin texture called ‘areola’. Inside this pink-brown halo structure, there are 14 to 17 milk ducts and a thin muscle tissue. There is a bulge in the middle of the nipple and it is elastic. The purpose of nipple aesthetics is to give the aesthetic form of nipples that are wider than normal, with sunken or completely embedded nipples.


What is Nipple Aesthetics?

Although breast augmentation or reduction operations come to mind first when it comes to breast aesthetics, problems such as sunkenness, large or small size of the nipples are included in the scope of nipple aesthetics. If the milk ducts in the tissue of the breast are short, the muscles in the nipple are pulled in and the so-called nipple burial occurs. Although collapsed nipples can occur due to congenital problems, it may also develop later. If there is a subsequent buried nipple condition, the presence of a possible tumoral mass in the area should be investigated for the treatment of nipple implantation. Nipple collapse, which is approximately 10% in women, can also be seen in some men. If the nipples are larger or smaller than they should be, it may cause aesthetic anxiety, although there is no medical pathology. Especially large nipples can affect the social life of the person by being visible under the clothes in women. On the other hand, problems such as size differences in between the two nipples can be eliminated with nipple aesthetics.


What are the Types of Nipple Aesthetics?

There are various methods in nipple aesthetics. In order to determine the most appropriate technique, the entire examination of the person must be completed first. According to the problem experienced after the interview with the surgeon, the method of nipple aesthetics is decided. One of the aesthetic procedures performed is the reduction of the nipple. Although the nipple diameter varies according to its size, it is usually around 4-5 cm. This discomfort seen in both men and women does not constitute a functional problem. This problem, which bothers patients psychologically with prominent nipples, is reduced to the areola (brown) part by applying local anesthesia. It is a daily surgery. Generally, the scars are not visible after nipple aesthetics. The patient regains his health within 1 week at the latest. Accessory nipple, which is rarely observed in some people, does not constitute a serious health problem, but it creates discomfort aesthetically. The ‘milk line’ is the presence of excess nipples along the line extending from the armpit to the groin. In nipple aesthetics, the problem is solved by removing the excess nipple tissue with local anesthesia. Breast reconstruction, also known as nipple repair, after breast cancer surgery or in conditions such as Poland’s syndrome, the nipple and areola tissue around it may not be found. In such cases, if there is sufficient tissue, local anesthesia is applied to the patient in nipple aesthetics and the nipple part is created with the local flap method. If the areola part needs to be created, medical tattoos (tattoo) or skin grafting (tissue transplantation) are required. The method of nipple aesthetics applied to inwardly collapsed nipples is different from the others.


In Which Condition Is Nipple Aesthetics Performed?

In order to correct the nipple collapse, also called inverted nipple, first the degree of sinking should be calculated.


Degreem 1: Nipple can be easily taken out. However, it crashes again with a little intervention.

Degree 2: The nipple cannot be easily taken out. When it is taken, it immediately collapses in again.

Degree 3: The tip cannot be taken out. In this case, since there are no developed milk ducts in the nipple, milk usually does not come out. Having an operation may not change this situation.


Special ‘suction’ instruments that make negative pressure in 1st degree nipple collapse are used. This method, which provides stretching of the milk ducts, can be successful without surgery. Another method in nipple aesthetics is surgical procedure. Surgery performed with local anesthesia is short-term. In this procedure, the milk ducts that draw in the nipple are cut and the collapse problem is corrected with regional flaps. This procedure does not enable women to give milk who have not been able to give milk before. It should not be forgotten that milk ducts are cut and the possibility of milk not coming in the next breastfeeding period should be kept in mind. Therefore, it is recommended that patients with milk in the nipple be treated after the breastfeeding period. If you want to get detailed information about nipple aesthetics, you can contact Aesthetic and Plastic Surgeon Dr. Mahmut Sunay.

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