Facial Dermafilling

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It is possible to remove facial wrinkles and give the desired volume to the face with dermafilling, which is a non-surgical application. Facial dermalfilling, which is performed by shaping the requested area on the face such as nose, cheek, forehead, cheekbone or chin, is performed with fillers injected under the skin. Wrinkles are filled, sagging is removed and shaped. The filling material under the skin stimulates collagen production and skin regeneration occurs.


What is Face Dermafilling?

Dermalfilling is a minimal and non-surgical aesthetic application performed by specialist doctors in order to add volume to the face, to remove some wrinkles on the skin, to plump lips and to give the desired natural shape to the face. Eye, lips and nose edges are among the most preferred areas. By injecting various fillers under the skin, removing deep and thin cracks, providing fullness to lips and cheeks, restoring the elastic structure of the skin due to aging are among the purposes of facial filling applications.


Who Are the Candidates?

Facial filling can be applied to people who do not have diseases related to the immune system, who do not have cancer, diabetes, allergic risk groups and who do not have wound healing problems. If the specialist doctors are deemed appropriate after the necessary examinations, it can be easily applied to people who do not carry any risk.


What are the Types of Facial  Dermalfillers?

Facial filling has very large areas in terms of application. The areas where dermalfilling can be applied and the problems that can be removed in return; Adding clarity to the jaw line, correcting the lines on the nose edge, clarifying the cheekbones, removing the sagging in certain areas of the face, reducing the under-eye bruises, reducing the lines on the rim, making the eyebrows impressive, removing the wrinkles of the lips and achieving sufficient fullness, eliminating the lines between the eyebrows, scars and acne removal, keeping the tip of the nose in the most appropriate position. Facial dermalfillings made for a purely aesthetic purpose can be divided into 3 classes: permanent, semi-permanent and temporary. Hyaluronic acid is one of the most widely used temporary filling materials around the world. Polylactic, polycaprolactone, calcium hydroxyapatite are among the most preferred semi-permanent filling materials. The effects of these semi-permanent fillings vary between 1-4 years. In addition to these fillings, permanent fillings are not preferred today due to their side effects. Facial filling prices vary according to the type and size of the operation.


How is Face Dermalfilling Done?

Before the procedure is performed, specialist doctors make the necessary diagnosis. After the problematic areas are determined carefully, the necessary process is determined exactly. With the help of tools called blunt microcannula or fine special needles, facial fillers are injected into the required areas. The filler injection time ends with a period of approximately 5 minutes.


It is possible to see the answer to the question of when the face filling shows its effect immediately after the procedure. There may be mild edema and redness in the application areas after the operation. However, these effects disappear in about 20 minutes. Subcutaneous hemorrhages, which may sometimes occur in the form of spots, disappear completely within 5-7 days. There are some things to be considered after face filling. It is necessary to avoid laughing, talking, heavy sports and chewing movements for about 4 hours after the application. Until the redness and swelling that occur after the filling disappear, the application area should be protected from excessive heat and cold. The areas determined after the application should be kept away from make-up products and water contact for up to 5 hours. In sensitive skin, facial dermalfiller allergy may occur rarely. Side effects such as bruising and mild redness seen in those who have facial fillers are short-term and temporary; There are no vital side effects among the facial dermalfilling. At this point, proceeding with an experienced doctor and paying attention to the warnings of your doctor before and after facial filling will bring a successful procedure. To have an effective look on your face you can contact Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Specialist Dr. Mahmut Sunay and his professional team,

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