Lip Filler & Lip Augmentation

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Lip filling is a fast procedure which is frequently preferred today. It is done by injection into different parts of the lip and its surroundings. Although many different filling materials are used for this process, the most preferred collagen contents in the past have now been replaced by hyaluronic acid contents.


What is Lip Augmentation?


The aesthetic procedure performed by people with thin lips to obtain a fuller and more shaped appearance is called lip filling. However, the filling process is applied not only to give volume to thin lips, but also to clarify lip lines and achieve a healthy and happy smile. Upper lip filling is applied especially to ensure the ratio between the lower and upper lips.


How is Lip Filling Done, How is the Application Process?


Lips are cleaned with an antiseptic solution before the lip filling procedure is carried out. In order to prevent possible discomfort on the lips afterwards, local anesthesia is performed by applying cream or injection. The filling process is carried out quickly and nearly painlessly with the help of fine-tipped needles after determining the areas where the filling material will be injected into the lip. Linear filling is performed to clarify the vermilion line, where lips meet the skin. After this process, ice is applied to control the swelling. Finally, antibiotic cream is applied to the entry points of the needle. However, after the application, heavy pressure should not be applied to the lips. Because after lip filling, the effect of the procedure should be noticeable and the volume of the lips should increase.


Is Lip Filling Permanent, How Long Does Its Effect Last?


The filling materials used for lip shaping and volumizing begin to be absorbed by the body after a while. Although the usage time of lip filling varies between 6 and 12 months, it is not permanent. The permanence period of the filling varies depending on the person’s lip structure, facial expressions and the content and quality of the filling material used. When the effect starts to diminish, lip filler should be injected to reshape the lips and give volume.


What You Need to Know About Lip Filling


Although lip filling is often preferred by women, it is a method that can be applied to men as a result of the loss of skin elasticity with age. Those who have lip augmentation are not only people with thin lips. For a proportional smile, healthy and happy expression, shaping is done with the filling process. For this reason, anyone over the age of 18 can have lip filling. However, if you have an open wound or herpes infection on your lips, if you have an immune system-related disorder, or if you are already pregnant, you should consult your doctor before the procedure.


The filling should be noticeable at the moment and increase the volume of the lips. Lip filling applied in the amount determined by your doctor should be noticeable but pleasing to the eye. Swelling may occur on the lips after the application. However, these swellings gain the appearance of natural lip filling after a few days of healing.


No side effects are seen in lip filling procedures using hyaluronic acid as filling material. Hyaluronic acid, a substance already found in the body, is safe and does not harm the body. Small bruises or redness may occur after the procedure, but they disappear within a few days.


After lip filling, you can return to social life immediately. However, you need to do the massages recommended by your doctor for a few days and apply ice compress at intervals. If needed, antibiotic cream can be used for the first few days. However, since your lips may become susceptible to infection after filling, you should not go into the sea or pool.


Lip filling prices usually vary depending on the procedure to be performed. However, pricing is mostly per syringe. To get more detailed information about lip filling and to make an appointment, you can contact Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Specialist Dr. Mahmut Sunay.

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