Non-Surgical Nose Job: Nasal Dermal Filling

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Nasal structure is an important factor that significantly affects both the image and facial appearance of the person and their self-confidence. Recently, the most demanded dermal filling allows the person to have an ideal nose structure that is compatible with the facial features without surgery and pain-free. In a short time, it aims to give the nose an aesthetic appearance in accordance with the golden ratio and ensures that the person is satisfied with his/her nose. It reduces volume loss, gives shape and provides a youthful appearance.


What is Nasal Filling?


Nasal filling, also known as non-surgical rhinoplasty, is the injection of filler material to reshape the nose. Skin filling materials and derivatives such as hyaluronic acid or the patient’s own fat are used to add volume to the applied area. Thanks to nasal filling, many procedures are performed in the nose and some minor problems are practically eliminated. Some of the procedures are:


Making the nasal dorsal look flatter

Nasal tip lifting with nasal tip filling

Elimination of asymmetries in the nose

Complete or partial elimination of curvature in the nose

Correction of asymmetrical nostrils

Adding volume to the tip of the nose, the sides of the nose and the back of the nose


Who Are The Candidates?


For filling, the nose structure or nasal skin structure, cartilage and bone structure of the person to be treated must be suitable for the procedure. In addition, individuals with deformations that do not require surgical intervention can benefit from nasal filling. While the procedure can be applied to patients with mild problems in their nose, it can also be applied to patients who have had an unsuccessful nose surgery. Those who have volume loss on the back of the nose and on the sides of the nose, those who have a very small nose compared to their face, those who have a congenital nasal depression can benefit from the filling procedure. The broken line or nasal hump caused by a trauma to the nose can also be corrected by nasal filling procedure.


How is Nose Filling Done?


First of all, the wishes and needs of the patient are listened before the filling. The photograph of the patient is taken and the areas to be applied are marked. Before the application, anesthetic cream is applied to the area to be treated and it is expected to be numb after 15-20 minutes. In line with the demands and needs of the person, the filling process is performed either with hyaluronic acid used in the face area and called derma filling or with the person’s own fat. For this filling procedure, fat is taken from the abdomen or hip area with liposuction method.


The filling process, which reduces the loss of volume and provides a young appearance by shaping it, is painless if it is done with hyaluronic acid and the process is completed within 5-10 minutes. The permanence of nasal filling can last from 1 year to 1,5 year.


If it is to be done with fat injection, fat is removed from the patient’s abdomen or hip area with liposuction surgery beforehand, and then it is prepared to be injected into the determined areas. This process can take about 45 minutes. Effect lasts 2-3 years.


What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Nose Filling?


One of the biggest advantages of nasal filling is that the desired shape can be given to the nose without the need for nose surgery (rhinoplasty) or nose tip surgery (type plasty) and the problems in the nose can be solved quickly. It is very economical compared to surgical procedures. It is a very relieving solution for those with surgery phobia. Since it is a non-surgical procedure, it does not require a recovery period.


Main disadvantage is that it is not permanen. The permanence of the filling varies according to the type of material and injection technique. Filling alone is not enough for nose reduction or severe nasal curvature. In addition, the filling may cause side effects or allergic side effects that can be seen on the person at the injection site. While the injection site reactions consist of side effects such as swelling, redness, bruising and itching, allergic reaction include; inflammation, solid nodules, lumps caused by improper distribution, tissue necrosis and embolism. Since all these effects are among the damages of nasal filling, the filling procedure should be performed by a specialist doctor with the correct dosage and techniques.


What is the Healing Process After Nose Filling?


Those who have nasal filling with hyaluronic acid can return to their normal life immediately after the procedure. Those who have fillers with fat injection should follow the doctor’s advice and pay attention to some issues after filling. This type of filling process requires surgery because the person’s own fat is collected and it may take a few days to heal. In general, since both procedures are applied to the nose by injection method, the swelling and bruising of the nasal filling that occurs after the nasal aesthetic surgery are not seen. Patients can immediately return to their daily lives. However, they should stay away from risky sportive activities for 2-3 days.

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