Plexr Plasma - Non-Surgical Eyelid Aesthetics

Plexr Plazma Nedir

Plexr Plasma (Fibroblast Plasma), which is frequently preferred by patients in recent years, is a dermocosmetic application that provides good results by treating patients who have had eyelid sagging for a long time or who have just started, especially for fear of surgery. The method, which is generally preferred by individuals with aesthetic concerns, is frequently used in cases of congenital low eyelid, loss of function of the upper eyelid, and age-related wrinkles and sagging on all over the body.


What is Plexr Plasma?

Plexr Plasma (non-surgical eyelid aesthetics), a completely wireless device with no electrical connection, Plexr is a non-surgical, scarless treatment method that can treat both lower and upper eyelid wrinkles and sagging by stretching the eyelid skin with plasma energy.


How is Non-Surgical Eyelid Treatment Performed with Plexr Plasma?

First the area to be treated is cleaned. For a painless procedure, local anesthetic cream is applied and the patient is kept for a while. Then, plasma treatment is applied and the released energy affects the top layer of the skin, eliminating sagging and wrinkles in the problematic area and providing new tissue formation. Plexr Plasma, non-surgical eyelid aesthetics, can be completed in 45 minutes, although it varies from person to person.


Which Non-Surgical Treatments Can Be Performed With Plexr Plasma?

Plexr Plasma is a frequently used treatment method for eyelid aesthetics, but Plexr plasma treatment is also a method with a very wide area of ​​use. With this treatment method, you can get rid of crow’s feet around your eyes or treat the yellow and white spots on your eyelids. In addition to acne and acne scars, you can remove various flesh moles that absolutely do not have any risk. If you have, you can have your freckles treated or you can use this treatment method to remove your scars. Reducing cigarette lines on the lips is also included in this treatment.


What should be considered before and after the procedure?

For Plexr Plasma, non-surgical eyelid aesthetics, you should pay attention to some issues before the procedure. The patient should not have taken any painkillers or blood thinners for a week. It is imperative not to use alcohol. Those who have Plexr should never touch the shells formed due to the evaporation process. Shells should be expected to fall off themselves. You should not cover the crusts with any plaster or tape. You can also use the creams given by your doctor for the crusts to shed more quickly. By using absolutely no alcoholic products, the treated area should not be disinfected or cosmetic products with many chemical ingredients should not be applied. To protect the treated area, including the sun or computer, UV light or house lights, you should apply a sunscreen liquid foundation. For cleaning, you can use natural soaps such as olive oil soap or you can choose materials that do not contain preservatives such as baby shampoo.


How Many Sessions Are Made and What Are The Side Effects?

The session to be performed in Plexr Plasma varies according to the age of the person or the wear and deformation in the area to be treated. It may take 2-4 sessions on average. It has no permanent side effects. However, after Plexr Plasma, there may be crusts around the eye area that will last for a maximum of 10 days. Edema may occur 2-3 days after the procedure. This whole process is quite natural. In addition, since it is a fast and practical method in terms of non-surgical eyelid aesthetics, you will start to get the positive results of the application with the shedding of crusts. If you want to get informed about Plexr Plasma, which does not require surgery, you can contact Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Specialist Dr. Mahmut Sunay.

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