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Nowadays, where visuality is very important, looking young and good has become a situation that is desired by almost everyone. For this reason, applications that make it possible to look younger have been developed with the advances and innovations in medical technology. Rejuvenating with Salmon DNA, which is among the most important of these applications, is in the first places.


What is Salmon DNA?

Salmon DNA is a rejuvenating and refreshing application that provides cell renewal in the skin, obtained from salmon sperms similar to human DNA features in order to reduce the loss of elasticity of the skin due to the advancing age and to eliminate wrinkles.


What Does Salmon DNA Do?

Salmon DNA is an application that helps increase the substance that supports the cell building process known as polynucleotide. Hyaluronic acid contained in the ampoule of Salmon DNA, increases the water holding capacity of the skin and provides moisture balance. It provides the skin with the mineral and protein supplements it needs and provides a healthy development. Salmon DNA benefits briefly restores the skin to a fresh, bright, youthful appearance and removes wrinkles. Salmon DNA provides a healthy and bright skin structure by preserving the natural expression and facial expressions.


What are the Requirements for Salmon DNA Application?

People of almost all ages who have Salmon DNA are not satisfied with their appearance. Salmon DNA can be applied to problematic skin that looks older, pale, dry and lost its freshness as a result of environmental conditions such as age, malnutrition, exposure to UV rays, excessive smoking and alcohol consumption. It can be preferred in the area called neck and décolleté for the purpose of recovering the wrinkled and sagging skin with advancing age. It can also be applied to remove acne scars and pits, especially in adolescence. It is effective in the treatment of cracks caused by excessive weight gain and loss. It can be used to eliminate dark circles under and around the eyes and crow’s feet. It is effective in restoring a younger appearance to the skin of the hand due to aging. Finally, it is one of the cases where Salmon DNA application is needed in the use to correct the appearance of the orange peel caused by cellulite on the skin.


When Is Salmon DNA Not Applied?

Salmon DNA is harmful for people with blood clotting problems, pregnant and breastfeeding women, people with heart disease, and those at risk of paralysis due to various diseases. In addition, it is not applied to people younger than 18 (eighteen).


How is Salmon DNA Application Performed, How Many Sessions It Takes?

Before salmon DNA, an intensive hyaluronic acid loading is applied for about 15 (fifteen) days to restore the moisture lost to the skin. As a result of this loading, the skin that has reached sufficient moisture content is made hygienic with antiseptic liquid. The area to be applied is anesthetized with local anesthesia. Then, an application called microinjection is applied to the skin. This application is the injection of Salmon DNA serum under the skin with the help of micro needles. After salmon DNA, the minerals and moisture needed by the skin are given to the skin sufficiently. Although the number of sessions of the application varies according to the age of the person and the need of the skin, it is generally performed between 3-5 sessions with 2-3 weeks intervals.


Before applying Salmon DNA, you can comfortably entrust yourself on a sensitive issue such as skin health; You can contact Dr. Mahmut Sunay, Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Specialist.

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