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The most important factor for every person is a flawless and healthy skin appearance. The wounds on the skin tissue and the scars that have been experienced in the past and the scars left after the injury events create an obstacle to the healthy appearance. With scar treatment, which is frequently preferred today, it is aimed to lighten and fade the scars.


What is a Scar?

Scar occurs as a result of the replacement of the skin tissue in the healing process with connective tissue after a natural injury or surgical procedures. The healing time of the wound may vary depending on the cause and size of the skin damage.


What are the Scar Types?

Scar-wound types are grouped depending on the type of injury and the effect of the wound on the skin, and different scar treatments are applied according to the type.


A contracture scar is a scar that occurs as a result of skin burning. While these scars reduce the mobility of the skin, they also cause it to tighten. Keloid scars are the types of wounds in which the healing process is exaggerated. Even after a certain period of time passes in these scars, the scar swells and goes beyond the borders, causing itching and redness.


Hypertrophic scars are red spots that resemble keloids and are at the margin of injury. Some silicone sheets can be used to reduce the inflammation in the wound in this type of scar treatment. Acne scars, another type of scar, also create deep pits, angled or wavy looks on the skin. Scar treatment can vary depending on the type of acne scar you have.


General Information About Scar-Scar

Scars are part of the natural healing process of human tissue. Scars, accidental injuries, cuts due to surgical procedures, animal bites, burn marks and injections can create a distinctive appearance on the skin tissue. In addition, scars formed on the tissue as a result of a condition that causes rashes such as chickenpox or acne may also require scar treatment.


Itching sensation in the wound is normal and although the exact cause is unknown, it is thought to indicate the activity of the wound. Also, since the new skin formed on the scars is thin, it is necessary to protect it with a protective cream against sunlight. Because harmful lights can negatively affect the healing process and increase the itching sensation.


All wounds leave more or less scars and under normal conditions, wounds in the human body are expected to show a significant healing tendency within 3-4 weeks. However, it takes 6-12 months for the wound to become stable after the healing process. The length of the process is related to the body’s self-healing methods. Before applying scar treatment to reduce the appearance of scars, it is necessary to wait for the body to complete its self-healing process and to see the final state of the scar.


How is Scar Treatment Performed?

It is not possible to completely eliminate the scars. The aim of scar treatment is to reduce the size and appearance of scars. In scar treatment, the scars that exceed the limits of acceptability are tried to be removed with special surgical methods.


Choosing a doctor is very important in obtaining the best result. You can contact Dr. Mahmut Sunay, Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Specialist, to determine the method required for you and to get information about scar treatment.

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