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The human body is faced with disruption and wrinkle problems in the elastic structure of the skin over time due to many reasons such as insomnia, stress, unhealthy diet, sun rays and genetic factors. The non-surgical solution of these problems is possible with the Scarlet S Gold Needling radiofrequency method. These distortions that occur in the epidermis and dermis layers of the skin are corrected at the same time with this special system, in which monopolar head micro needles send radio frequency. Thus, while the dermal layer is stimulated on a micro basis during the application, the epithelial cells on the surface of the skin begin the repair process.


What is Scarlet S Golden Microneedling Radiofrequency?


The Scarlet S Golden Microneedling method is an effective method in which skin rejuvenation is applied without surgery. In this process, which is applied with specially designed gold-tipped micro needles, radio frequency waves are given under the skin. These frequency waves increase the temperature in the tissues in a controlled manner and stimulate the tissues in the applied area. Thus, the regeneration and repair process of the cells in the applied area begins. At the same time, an increase occurs in the skin’s elastic and collagen production. Scarlet S golden Microneedling application is a method where the skin heals itself with its natural ingredients.


Problems That Can Be Treated


Scarlet S golden microneedling treatment can be applied to all male and female patients aged 16 and over. The method that can treat the epidermis and dermis problems at the same time is used for acne and scars, skin tone differences. It is applied in the treatment of fine wrinkles, enlarged pore treatment, lifting (face lift), Stria (crack) treatment, armpit sweating, Hyperhidrosis. It is easily applied in many areas such as skin rejuvenation / renewal / tightening application, jowl recovery, clarification of the facial and jaw lines, removal of arm sagging, facial telangiectasia treatment, pigment lesion treatment, sebum balancing. At the same time, Scarlet S golden needling is a method that can be easily applied in summer and winter.


How is The Treatment Applied?


Scarlet S golden microneedling method is used to stimulate the formation of new collagen and repair the damaged college by giving radiofrequency energy to the lower layers of the skin with gold microneedles. In this way, a bright, stretched and renewed skin is obtained by repairing damaged tissues. The patient is first prepared for the procedure by applying local anesthesia. Applications are made with specially developed micro needles. These needles have a specially used gold cap and these heads can go deep in the problem area between 0.5-3.5 mm. By sending an equal rate of radio frequency to the areas where the needles reach, it provides an increase in heat in the applied area and a controlled damage is created in that applied area. Thus, the collagen fibers in the treated area are stimulated and that area is stimulated to renew the skin. The duration of the procedure varies between 20 and 40 minutes depending on the treatment method.


What Should Be Considered In The Scarlet S Golden MicroNeedling Treatment?


There are some considerations that need attention before and after the Scarlet S golden microneedling. First of all, the application is made to clean skin. Since it is an application with needles, it should be performed by specialist doctors. After the application is over, applications such as make-up or peeling should be avoided. After the application, the skin should be rested and moisturized. The face should not be washed on the first day of the session. After the application, a slight redness occurs and this disappears within a few days. The application is generally done in at least 3 sessions with 1 month intervals.


How Long Does the Scarlet S Golden MicroNeedling Effect Last?

Since the Scarlet S golden Microneedling stimulates the skin naturally and rejuvenates itself, the skin does not return to its previous state, but this process does not stop aging completely. Since the aging process continues, those who have Scarlet S golden microneedling can have a re-application after 1 year.


What are the Advantages of Scarlet S Gold Needle Application?


Scarlet S Golden microneedling is a more economical, comfortable and practical aesthetic application compared to surgery. It has the highest rate of results. Among the benefits of Scarlet S golden microneedling, it should be noted that it provides a non-surgical solution to various problems in the skin. During the procedure, minimal pain is felt and recovery occurs in a short time. While the change is observed from the first session, the effect of the application increases gradually after each session. There is no risk of infection since special scarlets gold needle is used for each patient. Since there is no bruising, bleeding and pain in the face and neck area, it allows more shots to be shot. Thus, a more effective result is obtained with fewer sessions. Scarlet s prices may differ depending on the number of sessions performed. The skin problem experienced significantly affects the number of sessions. At the same time, the width of the applied area is a factor that creates difference in price.


If you are looking for a practical and non-surgical solution to your skin problems, first it is important to talk to a specialist in this field. You can make an appointment with Dr. Mahmut Sunay, Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Specialist, to get detailed information about Scarlet S golden microneedling, which is the most preferred treatment among non-surgical applications.

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