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It is the face that has the most obvious role in communicating in social life. On the other hand, eyes are at the forefront due to the communication with people by making eye contact. For this reason, the first organ that people focus on is the eye. The dark ring appearance in the eyes, the grayed eye area or the bag under the eyes are non-aesthetic images that no one wants. Thanks to the advances in today’s technology, as a result of the developments in medicine, under-eye light filling, which is an extremely practical application, has been developed in order to eliminate such undesirable conditions.


Why Does Under Eye Bruises and Bags Occur?


Dark circles and bags under the eyes are generally of genetic origin. In addition, insomnia, excessive smoking and alcohol consumption, malnutrition and looking at the computer screen without resting the eyes for a long time are among the reasons. As a result of the loosening of the fat tissue called the orbital septum under and around the eyes due to aging, elasticity loss is experienced and the eye socket becomes prominent; This can cause bruises and under-eye bags.


What is Under Eye Light Filling?


Under-eye light filling is the application of the hyaluronic acid coctails, which is naturally found in our body, called hyaluronic gel, which helps to maintain the moisture balance of the skin, under the eye and in certain places around the eye, if necessary, by means of cut-off cannulas or thin needles. Since this application is done directly on the under eye bone, not on the skin under the eye, there will be no problem.


What Is Under Eye Light Filling For?


Under-eye light filling helps to make the under eye and its surroundings look brighter and healthier as a result of the removal of the sunken image under the eye and the refraction of the light that creates shadow created by reflecting under the eye. It also allows the removal of fine wrinkles under the eyes. A bright and vivid appearance is obtained under the eye and relatively around the eye when under-eye light filling is applied.


Who May Have Under Eye Light Filling?


Today, due to increasing aesthetic concerns, there are women and men of all age groups who have under-eye light filling. However, it is not recommended for pregnant women, nursing babies and individuals under the age of 18 (eighteen) to have under-eye light filling. Almost everyone, except these, can have undereye light filling, who has no health problems.


How Is Under-Eye Light Filling Performed?


Under-eye light filling application takes about 3-5 minutes. Pain is not felt by means of anesthetic substance applied under and around the eye before the application of under-eye light filling.


Things to Consider After Under-Eye Light Filling


There are some points to be considered after under-eye light filling. Before the application, the eye area should be cleaned of dirt and make-up, if any, and it should be made hygienic. It is recommended to rest for a few days after the application of under-eye light filling. It is important not to take a shower or do sports that involve heavy movement. In addition to these, it is also among the recommendations to avoid applications such as any mask, steam therapy or peeling on the face. The answer to the question of how permanent the under-eye light filling is, although it varies from person to person; permanence is between 1 year and 1.5 years. Depending on the genetics, some people may continue to persist for longer periods of time.


If you want to have under-eye light filling application, it is extremely important that you first choose a doctor who is competent in his job, in order not to have irreversible results. Before applying to a sensitive organ such as the eye, you can contact Dr. Mahmut Sunay, Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Specialist, where you can entrust yourself with peace of mind and get information about every question that comes to your mind, such as under-eye light filling prices.

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