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Mole is the general name for flat or raised structures that can occur in almost any part of the human body. Although some of the moles appear in later ages due to environmental factors, most of them are congenital due to genetic reasons. Moles, which can be seen in both women and men, can be removed with a removal operation if they are aesthetically or functionally disturbing the individual. However, we should not consider every pigmentation on the body as a mole. Because mole-like marks and spots may occur during birth or due to vasodilation.

How Do Moles Grow ?

Moles are generally examined in two different classes; skin tags and normal moles. Mole removal can be performed by surgical and non-surgical methods. The formation of normal moles can be explained as the accumulation of melanocyte cells in the body that are responsible for giving color to the skin. Although experts have not yet come to a definite conclusion about why melanocyte cells collect under the skin and form moles, it is thought that the greatest factor that triggers the formation of new moles in the body is exposure to the sun. The formation of moles that form a prominent protrusion on the skin depends on genetic factors rather than environmental factors. Some moles seen in the face area are called “beauty mole” but can cause aesthetic and functional problems both on the face and other parts of the body.

Can Moles Be Removed?

It is one of the simplest and most demanded aesthetic operations of today. The most curious question of individuals who want to getr id of these lesions is the question of whether it is dangerous to remove it. It is not dangerous to remove harmless moles. However, the condition of mole should be analyzed pathologically under microscope. Moles that grow or have color changes in the surrounding skin may be a sign of cancer, and these moles should be examined by a Plastic Surgery Specialist and the necessary treatment should be determined.

What Are The Methods Of Removing Moles?

Mole removal surgery, also called Nevus Excision, is performed with local anesthesia and the patient does not feel any pain during the mole removal operation. After the mole is removed, aesthetic stitches are placed on the area where the mole was removed. Although it varies according to the condition of the patient and the procedure; often, it does not exceed 5-10 minutes. The most commonly used non-surgical mole removal method is the laser removal method. The basic principle of this method is that the rays emanating from the laser device destroy the mole area. Since it is in the form of burning with laser beams, a pit-shaped and mole-sized scar remains in the area after this procedure. Therefore, the most correct mole removal technique is surgical removal. There is a scar in the form of a line in the place of the moles removed by surgery. In addition, since the moles are removed without harming them as a whole, the emerging moles can be examined pathologically under the microscope and what it is can be revealed exactly. You should definitely take into account your doctor’s suggestions about which method to use form ole removal, and you shouldn’t insist on the method you want. Mole removal procedure prices vary according to location, condition and removal method.


After removal, the patient does not need to be kept; the patient can immediately return to his work and social life. It is very important that the area where the mole is taken must not come into direct contact with the sun rays and that this area is not damaged by foreign objects. You can choose Belis Clinic with state-of-the-art devices to easily get rid of your unwanted moles. You can contact with Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Specialist Dr. Mahmut SUNAY and his expert team for further information.

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