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Arm Lift


Arm lift is an operation performed by removing the sagging skin due to certain reasons, especially on the inside of the upper arm, and tightening the area. It is an aesthetic procedure demanded for reasons such as the discomfort of the arm skin while moving due to sagging in the arms, and the dissatisfaction that occurs when wearing sleeveless clothing.


What is Arm Lift Surgery?


Loss of skin elasticity due to aging, genetic predispositions, sagging of the upper and inner arms due to fat accumulation may require brachioplasty surgery. In individuals with sagging in the upper arm, a bat-shaped appearance occurs when the arm is raised. This excess skin is removed and arms will gain a more aesthetic appearance. With the application of new methods, the recovery process after arm lift is short and it is possible to overcome the operation with minimal pain.


Who Are The Candidates?


Arm lift aesthetics can be applied to individuals of all ages. The demand for arm lifting becomes more frequent, especially in middle-aged and older women, as loosening increases in the upper arm. However, if the degree of sagging at a young age is high depending on the skin structure, arm lift can be applied. This procedure is mostly applied to individuals who lose weight fast or have thick arms. In case of thickening due to fat accumulation in the arm, only liposuction is applied to the patient. After liposuction, sagging can be seen when the arm is thin, especially because of the soft tissue structure in the inner arm. In this case, arm lifting is performed on such patients after liposuction.


How is the Procedure Performed?


Interviews are made with the patient and the path to follow for the intervention is discussed. The operation area is determined by drawing on the sagging skin about 5 cm from the elbow on the upper arm. This distance continues until under the arm and the excess skin is removed and the arm is lifted. Arm lift takes about 1-2 hours. It is a fast procedure and the patient does not feel any serious pain after the operation. Food should not be eaten for 6 hours before arm lift surgery. Similarly, substances that increase the fluidity of the blood such as smoking and aspirin should not be used for 1 week before the arm lift surgery. At this point, it is very important to pay attention to what your doctor says and to follow your doctor’s advice.


What Should Be Considered After Arm Lift?


If local anesthesia is applied, those who have arm lift surgery are usually discharged on the same day. Patients who undergo general anesthesia can be discharged after 1 day. Stitches are not visible on the inside of the arm and do not need to be removed. After the operation, the patient should wear the arm bandages. It is important not to remove the bandage for the first 2 days after arm lift surgery and to rest by keeping the arms slightly elevated. Minimal movement in the first week allows the wound to heal in a short time. At the end of the first week, the patient can usually return to his social life, after the third week he can do certain exercises. Generally, complete recovery is seen at the end of 6-8 weeks.


What is the Recovery Process?


Edema and bruises are normal after arm lift. Apart from this, sometimes there may be bleeding, infection, swollen wound healing, numbness in the arm. After the operation, an invisible scar remains on the inside of the arm. Scars after arm lift surgery may be minimal when paying attention to the healing process. However, it is not possible to completely disappear the scar in the operation area. Arm lift is a safe procedure and results in satisfaction. It is a useful application that puts an end to the discomfort and movement restrictions caused by the drooping arms.


Arm lifting operations can be combined with liposuction when necessary. Apart from that, other aesthetic operations such as breast aesthetics, tummy tuck can also be performed in same session. Aesthetic operations are personal and arm lift surgery prices vary depending on the width of the application. It is very important to perform this surgery with an experienced doctor and safe methods. To get more detailed information about the operation, you can contact Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Specialist Dr. Mahmut Sunay and his professional team.

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