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Aesthetic breast surgery or breast uplift surgery is a surgical procedure that fulfills the self-confidence of many women. Over time, it is common to experience breast sagging due to pregnancy, breastfeeding, gravity or weight gain. The person applies to breast uplift (mastopexy) surgery to eliminate the sagging in the breast form and to have the body integrity desired.


What is Breast Uplift Surgery?

Breast lift, also known as mastopexy, is a surgical method applied to lift the sagging breasts. Besides breast lift with mastopexy, the dark ring (areola) around the nipple can also be narrowed.


Who Can Have Breast Uplift Surgery?

Lifting can be applied to breasts of all sizes. All women who have or have not given birth who feel sagging in their breasts can apply for breast uplift operation. While the best results are obtained on women with small and sagging breasts, breast reduction surgery is also applied along with uplifting surgery for patients with excess breast tissue. The most important factor in the decision of surgery is the mental state of the person due to breast sagging. While the lower age limit for surgery is considered to be 18 when the breasts mature is complete, the upper limit may increase as much as the patient’s health status allows.


With this test, which you can easily apply alone, you can have an idea whether you need surgery or not. For the application, you need to look in front of the mirror and look where your nipple and breast bottom line are. If your nipple is above your bottom line and there is no distortion in the breast form, everything is fine, but if the nipple is below 1 cm below the line, it is mild, if it is 1 to 3 cm below it is medium and 3 cm and if it is more than a severe ptosis (breast sagging) is in question.


How is Breast Uplift Surgery Performed?

The operation takes an average of 2 hours. The usual condition of the breasts should be carefully evaluated before the operation; the degree of breast sagging and the size of the breast, the patient’s sensitivity on the surgical scar and details about the subject if the delivery has been made; It will be a guide in determining the surgery technique. The application techniques in operations performed with the help of general anesthesia or sedation applications vary depending on the doctor and the patient. The operation generally takes place with an 8-shaped incision (incision) made around the nipple or following the natural contours of the breast. If breast implant will be placed in addition to breast lift procedure; the implant is placed behind the muscle in the chest wall.


What Happens After Breast Upift Surgery?

It is normal to experience mild pain and ache in the breast after breast uplift surgery. Mild pain is likely to accompany arm movements for a few days following the operation, but oral pain relievers will be sufficient to relieve the pain. After breast uplift surgery, swelling and bruising can be seen in the chest area for 5 to 10 days. After the operation, the patient can start eating and drinking after about 4-6 hours of rest and can stand up. Patients are discharged the next day. Tissue swelling as a result of breast uplift operation may cause some loss of sensation in the nipple and skin, but the condition disappears by 6 weeks. In some patients, loss of sensation may take 1 year or more.


About Post-Surgical Scars

Your surgeon will do his best to make sure your scars are as small as possible. These scars remain puffy and red for several months. It becomes less obvious in the next stage; In some cases, there is a possibility that it may fade completely in the form of pale white lines. The placement of the scars is adjusted so that there is no problem when wearing a bikini. Unfortunately, it is not possible to lift a breast without scar.


Does Mastopexy Prevent Breastfeeding?

In breast lift operation; As long as there is no intervention to the nipples, milk ducts and milk glands, there is no situation that will hinder the breastfeeding process. Mastopexy does not pose any special risks that will adversely affect future pregnancies.


Points to Consider After the Operation

One day after breast lift surgery, the patient, who is wearing a special surgical bra, is discharged. At the end of an average of 1 week, the person becomes able to take walks that will not get too tired and can return to work life. Starting fast exercises should be from the 4th week. Recovery is completed in 4 to 6 weeks and the breast takes its final shape by the 6th month. During the healing process, the period will be completed in a short time if the patient does what is requested from her and uses the medications in her prescription regularly. For breast uplift surgery or to get more detailed information about the operation, you can contact Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Specialist Dr. Mahmut Sunay.

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