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Hand surgeries is surgical operations that treat hand and finger trauma, pathologies and discomfort. Problems that require treatment in this area can be congenital or develop over time, or maybe a result of a trauma or injury. It is possible to eliminate the problems that prevent the use of the hand. With hand surgery you can deform its appearance or correct the problems that may ocur due to burning, cutting, crushing and similar external factors.


What is Hand Surgery?


The purpose of hand surgery is to eliminate various problems developing in hands and fingers and to correct dysfunctions. Hand surgery is the specialty that aims relieving congenital or acquired diseases caused by external factors. Problems that occur as a result of accidents and injuries, congenital hand, wrist and arm deficiency, defects or adhesions, tumors and various infections are among the application areas of hand surgery.


What Are The Procedures Performed Under Hand Surgery?


Hand surgery operations mainly include hand and finger injuries, tendon injuries, hand and finger fractures and hand tumors. However, apart from these, the treatment of disorders such as nail injuries, ingrown toenails, deformities in the nail, congenital hand anomalies and nerve compression are also performed. There are different treatment methods for the most common problems in this area. Some types of hand surgery where the conditions encountered require operation are as follows:


  • Hand and Finger amputations: Hand and finger amputations should be intervened with great speed. If there is a complete amputation, the veins should be sutured as soon as possible. Although the vessels still continue to exchange blood in partial amputations, in case of any rupture, patient should be administered to the health institution immediately. The amputated piece should also be taken with the patient. If the tissues are alive and the damage is at a level that does not interfere with the suture, the patient is applied a limb stitching procedure called replantation.
  • Tendon Injuries: Tendon, nerve and vascular injuries caused by various accidents have an effect that can cause permanent damage. For this reason, as soon as an injury occurs, it is necessary to go to health institutions as soon as possible. Damages that prevent the veins from carrying oxygen may cause the hand tissue to lose its vitality. In such injuries, an urgent intervention is essential to protect hand functions and prevent the damage from progressing.
  • Hand and Finger Fractures: One of the most common problems in the field of hand surgery is finger fractures. Since there are many bones in the hands and fingers, fractures due to falling, hitting, crushing and similar external factors are quite common. In addition, the risk of fracture and cracking in the hand and finger bones increases due to the decreased bone density in middle age and menopause periods. Although fractures and cracks that manifest themselves with severe pain and swelling can sometimes be easily treated, surgical intervention followed by physical therapy procedures may be required, especially in hand fractures.
  • Hand Tumors: It also includes the treatment of tumors that occur in the hands and wrists. These tumors can develop as benign or malignant. Glomus tumor, Ganglion tumor and cysts are among the most common problems. These cysts and tumors, which tend to grow day by day after their formation, should be examined and intervened within the scope of hand surgery. After the procedure, hand surgery doctors warn patients that the area should be checked regularly.


How are Hand Surgery Operations Performed?


Operations are performed using general or local anesthesia depending on the type of problem. In the procedures performed using micro hand surgery methods, hand functions are preserved or increased as required, the discomfort in the wrist, hand or finger is eliminated and the procedure is terminated. The most important factor affecting the prices of hand surgery surgery is to eliminate the problems that are examined and diagnosed by the doctor. In this field, you can contact Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Specialist Dr. Mahmut Sunay and start the treatment process by getting the most accurate and detailed answers.

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