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The effects of aging on facial expression are inevitable. Your face; Over the years, it is exposed to gravity and environmental factors. Besides the time factor; Factors such as irregular lifestyle, bad habits, improper diet, and excessive use of gestures can also make your facial expression appear constantly tired and unhappy. The first place where fatigue and aging symptoms are observed on the face is often the eyebrow and forehead area. Loosening and sagging in this area can cause functional problems such as visual difficulties as well as aesthetic disorders. All of the procedures performed to eliminate aesthetic and functional problems in the eyebrow area are called eyebrow aesthetics.


What is Eyebrow Lift?


Eyebrow lift is an aesthetic procedure which is also frequently requested by men. Eyebrow lift  is a surgical procedure aimed at giving the face a younger and more fresh expression by lifting the eyebrows and forehead area. With the eyebrow lift procedure, your eyebrows will rise to their old levels and your facial expressions will become clear. Eyebrow lifting can be applied through various methods. Eyebrow lift prices; It may vary depending on the method to be applied and the surgical procedure.


What Are The Eyebrow Lifting Methods?


Eyebrow lifting methods are basically divided into two. Which method will be applied depends on the characteristics of the patient. Surgical eyebrow lift methods are as follows:


  • Classical Surgery
  • Botox


Although each method has its own advantages and disadvantages; You should not insist on which method should be used and act according to your doctor’s recommendations. However, the most recommended and long-lasting method for all age groups is the classical eyebrow lift surgery. When determining which method your eyebrows will be lifted, it should be considered whether an additional operation will be performed on other parts of the face. In contrast to the long-term permanence of the surgical procedures, the botox process should be repeated at 4-6 month intervals. If the non-surgical procedures are not repeated when the time comes, the eyebrows will fall back to their old levels and aesthetic and functional problems will continue.


How is Eyebrow Lift Performed?


Classical eyebrow lift surgery, sometimes referred to as temple lift surgery; It is the process of hanging the edges of the eyebrows. In order to prevent the scar from being apparent, the incision is made inside the hairy areas and with this incision, the eyebrow edge is reached under the skin and the eyebrow edges are lifted upwards. Before the operation, designs regarding the operation are made, images such as photographs and video recordings are taken before and after the operation. Although local (regional) anesthesia is mostly applied during the procedure, general anesthesia may be required in some special cases. Depending on the operation procedure and the condition of the eyebrow area; Temple lift surgery takes an average of one hour and is performed painlessly.


What should be considered before and after the brow lift operation?


The most important thing you need to do after eyebrow lift is to complete the whole process with the supervision and recommendations of your doctor. However, as in all surgeries, it is recommended to stop using aspirin (and its derivatives), alcohol and tobacco products 1 week before this surgery. Continuing to use smoking and alcohol until the last moment may cause unexpected complications during the operation and may lead to delayed healing of your wounds after surgery. You should stop using herbal products such as green tea, cherry stalk and flax seeds at least 1 week in advance, as this may cause unpredictable problems during the surgical procedure. If the surgical operation goes smoothly, you are expected to eat and be able to stand up approximately 3 hours after the procedure is completed. If there are no complications, you can be discharged 6 hours after the operation. After the temple lift surgery, swelling and bruising do not occur or remain at a minimum level. If you want to rejuvenate and refresh your self-confidence by raising your eyebrows, you can contact Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Specialist Dr. Mahmut Sunay.

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