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Ears can reveal effective differences in aesthetic appearance in terms of their shapes. Deformity called prominent ear in the ears is among the congenital or acquired aesthetic problems that are frequently encountered. The problem, which can also be seen in normal sized ears, is caused by the shape of the ear cartilages. When the angle of the ears with the head is wider than usual, it creates an open view to the outside. In addition to this appearance called prominent ear, the absence of folds that should be present in the upper part of the ears is among the aesthetic disorders. The solution is prominent ear correction.


What is Prominent Ear Surgery? Who Is It Suitable For?


Those with deformities in their ears can have a more aesthetically pleasing appearance with prominent ear surgery. As a result of the aesthetic operation performed quickly and easily with modern techniques, the ears are treated in accordance with the head structure. Prominent ear surgery, which is among the aesthetic interventions suitable for both children and adults, is applied to individuals who do not have any health problems that prevent surgery. Those who decide to undergo surgery after having information about the prices of prominent ear surgery, during the operation and subsequent processes can achieve symmetrical and natural looking ears with modern and effective techniques.


How is Prominent Ear Surgery Performed? What is the Recovery Process?


With prominent ear surgery, it is aimed to change the shape of the ear. In order to solve the problem caused by the wide angle made by the ears with the head, it is aimed to narrow this angle. With the prominent ear aesthetics, stitches are made where the ears meet the head, and the angle is narrowed and the shape of the ear that is open to the front becomes more closed. For the aesthetic problem that occurs as a result of the lack of folds in the upper parts of the ears, stitches are placed on the cartilage and the flat appearance in this section is destroyed by bending. The ears are aimed to have a natural, symmetrical and pleasing appearance. The operated ear heals completely and takes its final shape within a few months.


What Is The Recovery Process After Prominent Ear Surgery?


In order for the healing process to be fast and smooth, the patient should take care to follow all the doctor’s recommendations. If the things to be considered after the surgery and during the recovery process are followed, the change after the prominent ear surgery can be clearly observed. Those who have prominent ear surgery should regularly use the medications prescribed by their doctors after the operation. In order for the healing process to be fast and painless, care should be taken to use medication and to prevent infection. Regular wound dressing is important, and the patient avoids activities that increase blood pressure and physical fatigue. It is recommended to use tennis band or special bandages for a certain period of time so that the operated ear or ears can take their new shape more easily and remain protected from impacts from the surrounding area.


What should be considered before and after prominent ear surgery?


Prominent ear surgery, which is one of the very easy aesthetic operations, can be performed in a short time and without pain. Surgery, which is mostly performed under local anesthesia, allows the patient to stand up in a short time and return to his normal life. Before the operation, the patient should be careful not to tire himself / herself too much and feel ready for the surgery. If you pay attention to the use of medication and rest for a while after the surgery, it is not possible to encounter a serious problem. Among the issues that worry patients about this operation, there is usually the problem of opening after surgery. The case of opening after prominent ear surgery, which may occur due to the ear structure or the way the surgery is performed, is a very rare problem. After the surgery, it is necessary to protect the ear from impacts and infection risk. The manner of lying after prominent ear surgery should also be in positions that protect the ear, and when necessary, the ear should be wrapped with tennis band or special bandages. At this point, you should take care that the team that will perform the surgery is professional. To get the best results after prominent ear correction, you can contact with Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Specialist Dr. Mahmut Sunayand his professional team.

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